Why is it beneficial for Suppliers to embed Social Value into their business processes ?

Win more Business

It will help you win more business particularly Public Sector contracts as organisations within the Public Sector are tasked under The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 with delivering additional Social Value from their contracts

Gain a Competitive Edge

That means Suppliers are required to deliver social benefits whilst also delivering the main element of their contractual requirements which results in you not only winning the business but also building up the profile of his own business by being able to deliver additional Social and added value above and beyond your competitors and enabling you to stands out in the Crowd.

Attract Best Talent and Retain Best Staff

Standing out from the competition and striving to be the best will attract the best graduates and workers to want to work for you and also help retain your best staff as they will want to be part of a successful business

Organisational Value

Creating a clear Business Vision will give you a greater standing within the business market place and community

Financial Efficiency

Using less resource and reducing waste make you a more competitive business


Supplier Workshops aimed at helping you develop a competitive edge and win more business


SME’s – help for small businesses


Private Sector – embedding Social Value into your procurement processes enhances your chances of winning Public Sector contracts and give you a competitive edge