Public Sector

The Social Value Act

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 came into force in January 2013 and applies to service contracts above the EU public procurement threshold.
There is no reason however why Social Value cannot be applied to every tender and contract as long as it is done in a proportionate way in relation to the subject matter and value of the contract,the review carried out by Lord Young in February 2015 outlines the recommendations going forward.

Social Benefit

Social benefit will mean different things to different people from the very tangible, such as jobs for the long-term unemployed, or sub-contracting opportunities for small businesses, to softer, but equally important, benefits such as engagement with communities or groups of individuals who might otherwise feel entirely disengaged.
Social Value is about Social, Economic and Environmental Well-being and as such can include anything from creating jobs, long term, short term, creating volunteering opportunities to creating Apprenticeships. It looks at the Built environment and relationship between citizens and the communities they live.

Challenging Times

In a recent survey of Senior Procurement Professionals it was highlighted that the biggest challenges faced by the industry in 2017 were reduced budgets and greater demands on services. Therefore in these economically and socially challenging times it is essential we secure maximum benefit from our limited resources.

Deliver Social Value as part of the Day Job

Suppliers are required to deliver social benefits whilst also delivering the main element of their contractual requirements, meaning you benefit through getting more directly and indirectly, for your cash. Don’t worry the supplier benefits too, not only does he win the business but he also builds up the profile of his own business by being able to deliver additional Social and added value above and beyond his competition which enables him to stands out in the Crowd. And the biggest winner of all is the Community who get all this for free.

Social Value Diagnostic Tool

So how good is your organisation at delivering social value, click here to take the test now