Cost Improvement

Cost Improvement

The Cost Improvement Programme is designed to take unnecessary cost out of the business, yet still maintain high standards of business and service delivery. Our cost improvement initiatives are generic and transferable and can be implemented in any area of the Public or Private Sectors. 

We reduce cost and maximise efficiency by improving process, minimising inefficiencies, reducing waste and bureaucracy and improving pathways to deliver improved business and services.

The Cost Improvement programme has led to new collaborative ways of working and a more efficiently run and productive business, with re-engineered working practices and automated processes.

The Challenge

Most organisations suffer inefficiencies, incur excessive costs or do not maximise revenue opportunities. However many of these organisations do not have the time or the expertise to carry out a review of their core and non-core process costs. Our Team will review your business processes and costs and offer sustainable solutions that focus on minimising operation costs by improving the performance of your people, processes and procedures.

Organisations can also be driven by increasing sales and business turnover and often overlook the costs incurred in getting their product to market and as such have a detrimental effect on profit margins and the bottom line. Our cost improvement initiatives help companies identify and reduce unnecessary costs within their activities and their supply chain activities.

Project Case Study

Our Consultants have worked with many Public Sector and Private Sector Organisations

1. NHS SBS on a Cost Improvement Programme looking to deliver multi-million pound procurement savings to bridge the funding shortfalls experienced by the NHS.

Strategic Commisioning and Procurement activity that embraces commercial and clinical expertise will deliver a sustainable model to help secure the future of the NHS.

2. Redcats UK  – Programme Office

Leading the transformation of aligning UK and European procurement strategy across several Brands

  • Leadership & Relationships – Led UK & European Marketing teams teams to delivered 33% budget saving across categories

  • Global Supply Chain Management – 75% reduction in the supplier base and streamlined the supply chain to reduce lead times.

  • Strategy – Developed Category based procurement strategies and Preferred Supplier Arrangements

  • E-Procurement – Delivered £ 4.5m savings through the Implementation of e-procurement, e-sourcing, e-evaluation and e-auctions

3.  Trafford NHS Trust – Programme Office

  • PMO Lead & Relationships – Lead the Procurement Services & Cost Improvement Initiatives, delivered £5 M of cashable saving across Clinical and Non-Clinical categories including Agency Staff, Waste Management, Energy, Logistics and Transport.

  • Acquisition  – Managed the merger between Trafford & CMFT Hospital by strategically aligning both procurement functions.

  • Sustainability – Developed and wrote a Sustainable Procurement Strategy & Action Plan for Manchester and Trafford Hospitals to drive future savings through whole life costing.