We  work with clients at a senior strategic level to understand their high level needs and priorities, from there we develop a bespoke plan of action to deliver benefits to your Organisation



We have developed our own bespoke branded “Priceberg” training and consultancy packages all underpinned by  the whole life costing, added value and creating a competitive edge philosophy that runs through our business model  




We worked in conjunction with Action Sustainability during the development of the BS8903 British Standard for sustainable procurement a product we have since developed to support the delivery of social procurement. see our Social Value Diagnostic Tool



We are a Defra approved Training & Consultancy provider delivering a range of Training, Workshops and Consultancy including the Marakesh Task Force aimed at promoting and support the implementation of public procurement programmes that encourage the uptake of social and sustainable products and services



We work with clients on short, medium or long term basis and our project costings reflect the length of the commitment. However this is a much more cost effective option than engaging an Employment Agency to recruit on your behalf where their fee can be around 30%.

Retainer – We  work with you on a fixed retainer for a given number of days per week for a fixed period of time.

One Off Day Rate – no long term commitment we work with you as long or as short as you want, its your choice.

All costs would be agreed ahead of project commencement and be accompanied by an Invoice.