Why is it beneficial for Buyers and Commissioners to embed Social Value into their business processes ?

Beacon Organisation

Embedding Social Value into your procurement and commissioning process is not only good practice but will also build up the profile of your organisation and allow you become a stand out lead organisation by supporting local business, supporting job growth and community benefit.

Legal Compliance / Offset Challenge

Public Sector organisations are tasked under the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 with delivering additional Social Value from their contracts, failing to do so will see you fall foul of legislation and be left open to supplier challenges.

Attract Best Talent and Retain Best Staff

Standing out from the competition and striving to be the best will attract the best graduates and workers to want to work for you and also help retain your best staff as they will want to be part of a successful and socially responsible organisation

Organisational Value

Creating a clear organisational vision will create a positive public perception and give you a greater standing within the community

Financial Efficiency

Utilising the suppliers added value bids will help offset service cuts and funding gaps as applied properly the Social Value Act is designed to deliver Economic, Social and Environmental Wellbeing. 


By embedding Social Value into your Procurement and Commissioning processes you can provide a WIN WIN WIN situation for the supplier, the community and for yourselves.

Start the Journey now take the Social Value Test and start planning a great social future for your organisation.



Public Sector the act requires people who commission public services to think about how they can secure wider social, economic and environmental wellbeing


Private Sector – embedding Social Value into your procurement processes enhances your chances of winning Public Sector contracts and give you a competitive edge


Third Sector – the act aims to involve more third sector organisations in delivering Public Sector contracts as delivering Social Value is often part of their business model