Stuart Davies, Founder & Director of Sustainable Supply Chains Limited

14 June 2016

Two in every three councils do not routinely consider social value in their procurement and commissioning decision making, despite their duty to do so.

Only 1/3 of councils in England consistently consider social value in their procurement and commissioning decision making despite their duty under the Public Services (Social Value Act) to consider how the services they commission and procure might improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the area.

Latest findings from a series of freedom of information requests (Feb to Apr 2016) also claim that less than a quarter of councils have a social value policy, with smaller district councils less likely to consider social value than larger councils.

Sustainable Supply Chains founder and owner Stuart Davies has found that there is still a real mixed reaction to Social Value with the more forward thinking organisations embracing the Social Value Act but the majority still seeing it as a tick box exercise and doing as little as possible, seeing it as a legislative burden rather than an opportunity to be innovative and deliver real added value to their communities.

Unfortunately the legislation around the act does not help as its approach is far too softly softly  as asking the public sector to “consider” the creation of social value when commissioning services is basically a cop out and easy for them to dodge the issue.

So where do we start I hear you ask…. well it’s going to be different for everyone as you will all be at different stages of your social value journey and we are not an organisation who are going to try and sell you products and services you don’t need, so what we do is let you self-assess yourselves (in about 10 minutes) to start with by completing our Social Value Diagnostic Tool the results of which will give us a clear indication of where your organisation currently is in terms of its Social Value journey, now we can help you along that journey or you can have a go yourself it’s up to you. Working with us we will:

  • Consider the key areas to address to successfully embed Social Value including policy and strategy development, prioritisation, training of staff and supply chain, setting targets, measuring outcomes and reporting results.

  • Specific gaps and develop an action plan in order to successfully embed Social Value into existing practices

  • Specific areas where Sustainable Supply Chains may be able to support you and what you can do yourself

The end goal once you have established your own outcomes and drivers for delivering social value (which we do during the diagnostic stage) is to bring the suppliers on board in a consistent manner so multiply the social impact being delivered to the community be it social wellbeing, environmental improvements or a more thriving business community.

The Journey starts here…..