Stuart Davies, Founder & Director of Sustainable Supply Chains Limited

Sustainable Supply Chains were very excited about the nominations for the Cabinet Office Social Value Awards which aimed to recognise and celebrate good practice in commissioning and providing social value.

We supported two of our clients in the 18 months prior to the awards and played a large part in the work done by both Liverpool City Council and DPC.

There were four categories of award

Social Value Leadership Award for an Organisation

Social Value Leadership Award for an Individual

Promoting and Mainstreaming the Social Value Act Award

Driving Value for Money Award


Within the Social Value Leadership Award for an Organisation award we had supported and provided consultancy to Liverpool City Council between December 2014 and June 2016.LCC LOGO

Our time at Liverpool city council saw them set social value as a priority from mayoral level down. We supported development of governance processes, including a Fair City Framework, that embed social value throughout the procurement and commissioning cycle from pre-procurement to contract management. A particular focus was capturing social value across the whole organisation, including frontline services, and working with its supply chain to help them understand how they can support the council’s social value objectives.


We have since done further work with Liverpool’s suppliers by developing and delivering a Social Value for Competitive Advantage workshop on behalf of another client Sound City Liverpool.Sound_City_Logo


Within the Driving Value for Money Award we had commissioned Data Performance Consultancy (DPC) as a developer to automate the social value outcomes framework we had developed for Liverpool City Council. We worked with them until October 2015 to develop the social value framework into a generic model that could be used across all Public Sector organisations. This work saw the development of metrics that could be used across health and local authority commissioning and procurement teams to standardise social value measurement and to provide best value for money. The portal supports commissioners to contract manage the social value elements of contracts, enabling them to see real time information and provide value feedback to suppliers.

The system will in time provide a valuable means of measuring social value from a numerical point of view in terms of how many jobs, apprenticeships or training opportunities that were created in a given period of time. Sustainable Supply Chains recognise that this is just a start and are currently worked on an enhanced measurement and reporting portal which we hope to have available later in 2016.


Since the awards the Cabinet Office have continued to drive the social value agenda within the Public Sector and provided funding through a competitive process for eight projects around the country to help improve the way social, economic and environmental impact are delivered and measured as part of the Social Value Act and I am proud to say Sustainable Supply Chains were one of the eight, click here.

We worked with Aintree University Hospital on a project to improve the way they measure their social, economic and AINTREEenvironmental impact as part of the Social Value Act. This work was recently completed and you can read the case study here


Uptake of Social Value within procurement seems to be on the increase and it is interesting that we have been able to work with organisations from different parts of the Public Sector, such as Liverpool City Council, Aintree University Teaching Hospital and Greater Manchester Police and Crime Commissioners PIC TONY LLOYD LOGOwho we have helped to develop a strategic approach to embedding social value into their commissioning and procurement processes.

Check out our case studies


So where do we start I hear you ask…. well it’s going to be different for everyone as you will all be at different stages of your social value journey and we are not an organisation who are going to try and sell you products and services you don’t need, so what we do is let you self-assess yourselves (in about 10 minutes) to start with by completing our Social Value Diagnostic Tool the results of which will give us a clear indication of where your organisation currently is in terms of its Social Value journey, now we can help you along that journey or you can have a go yourself it’s up to you. Working with us we will:

Consider the key areas to address to successfully embed Social Value including policy and strategy development, prioritisation, training of staff and supply chain, setting targets, measuring outcomes and reporting results.

Specific gaps and develop an action plan in order to successfully embed Social Value into existing practices

Specific areas where Sustainable Supply Chains may be able to support you and what you can do yourself


The end goal once you have established your own outcomes and drivers for delivering social value (which we do during the diagnostic stage) is to bring the suppliers on board in a consistent manner so multiply the social impact being delivered to the community be it social wellbeing, environmental improvements or a more thriving business community.

Your Journey starts here…..