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Embedding Social Value into your day to day working processes will ensure you deliver real and tangible benefits to people and communities.

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How do you specify the Social Values you are looking to deliver in a clear and inclusive way ?


How do you demonstrate the Social Value you can deliver in a clear and concise way that will ensure you win more business ?


4th Social Value Programme supporting Irish Businesses

JANUARY 25, 2024

Sustainable Supply Chains are currently delivering our fourth social value programme for Enterprise Ireland, supporting clients who are selling their services to the UK public sector.

The current programme, split into Foundation and Practitioner stages has 16 clients all largely from the digital sector who are developing their skills in delivering social value(s) remotely from Ireland to the United Kingdom.

Friends across the Irish Sea

Sustainable Supply Chains are delighted to be working with Enterprise Ireland on delivering their social value programme which is designed to support Enterprise Ireland clients that are selling to UK local authorities and the public sector, to develop a social value action plan and policy to do exactly that.

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