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We are not rigid in our approach and can tailor our suite of services to suite your requirements, this approach is highlighted in our Social Value Diagnostic Tool which lets you self-assess your organisation against key Strategic and Operational critic, the results of the diagnostic enables us to suggest a bespoke action plan to move forward which we can help you with or you can do yourself….its up to you.

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PROCUREMENT & COMMISSIONING – Strategic and Operational Procurement and Commissioning Solutions 

CONSULTANCY –  Our Consultancy Services are flexible to suit your needs and timescales

TRAINING – We offer a range of Training for Commissioners, Buyers and Suppliers

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT & WORKSHOPS – To help suppliers deliver client priorities and develop a competitive edge

SUSTAINABLE & SOCIAL PROCUREMENT – Benefits to Commissioners, Buyers and Suppliers

MEASURING & REPORTINGMapping your savings, spend and supply chains for financial and social benefit


Social Value

Delivering Social Value


Our Social Value model is driven by the Public Services (Social Value) Act which came into force in January 2013 and is based on the principals of BS8903 the British Standard for sustainable procurement.

 Our process provides a comprehensive framework and guidance on how adopt and embed Social Value  principles and practices into any Organisation be it Public, Private or Third Sector.

 Embed Social Value into your processes and begin to realise the benefits that Social Value can unlock for the Commissioner, the Supplier and the Community


Public Sector the act requires people who commission public services to think about how they can secure wider social, economic and environmental wellbeing


Third Sector – the act aims to involve more third sector organisations in delivering Public Sector contracts.


Private Sector – embedding Social Value into your procurement processes enhances your chances of winning Public Sector contracts and give you a competitive edge

Social Value Diagnostic Tool



Sustainable Supply Chains diagnostic tool was developed by us and is specifically designed to enable you to measure how well positioned you are to embed Social Value into your Organisation.

The results of the diagnostic will :

  • Inform us where your organisation currently is in terms of its Social Value journey

  • Identify the key areas to address to successfully embed Social Value

  • Specific gaps and develop an action plan in order to successfully embed Social Value into existing practices

  • Identify areas where Sustainable Supply Chains can support you and what you can do yourself

Social Value W1N W1N W1N



We are living in Financially challenging times, with ever increasing demands on public services with further Government cuts on the horizon.

Its a time for change,  a time for innovation, a time to do things differently and that starts with the way we commission and procure services.

Our Social Value “W1N W1N W1N” initiative does just that


The Community will W1N because they will get all the Social Value “Social and Community Benefits” for free which is priceless in these challenging financial times


The Supplier will W1N because if they can deliver Social Value as part of their offer they will in turn win more Public Sector contracts. It gives them a competitive edge over their competitors. 


The Buyers W1N because they will get the services delivered along with the additional Social Value from the suppliers which will help offset budget cuts and demands on services.

Cost Analytics



Cash Recovery we recover invoice overpayments and contract errors


Cost Improvement – save money, reduce cost and maximise efficiency

Modern Slavery Act



Despite its supposed abolition, the practice of slavery remains commonplace in every country in the world. From forced labor in agriculture to the sweatshops producing low-cost commodities for global supply chains; or from the illegal trafficking of individuals as ‘property’, to slavery in the mines extracting the raw materials used in electronic consumables – the practice of modern slavery remains pervasive. According to the International Labor Organization around 21 million men, women and children around the world are in a form of slavery, estimated to generate a profit of $150 bn (circa £ 28.5bn) per annum.

And modern slavery is closer to home than you might think. In the wake of the tragedy in which 21 Chinese migrant workers drowned picking cockles off the Lancashire coast in 2004, new forms of slavery in the UK have come to light with worrying frequency. These include the severe physical exploitation of domestic workers by wealthy diplomats, forced begging and theft by young children trafficked into the UK, and the imprisonment of young men by gangs to manage cannabis ‘farms’. It has increasingly become apparent that the scope of modern slavery is far wider than previously assumed.


Click here for more information about Modern Slavery and the Modern Slavery Act


Try our diagnostic tool to measure how well positioned you are to embed your commitment to eliminating modern slavery from your Organisations commissioning, procuring and grant processes.

Click here for more information about the Diagnostic Tool

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Client Reference – Tony Lloyd The Police and Crime Commissioner for Greater Manchester

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioners for Greater Manchester have been very pleased with the work carried out by Stuart during the past 12 months, he has guided us through our Social Value journey from developing our priorities, policies, frameworks and charter to delivering training, hosting events and producing a 12 month report highlighting the social, economic and environmental benefits we have delivered through our supply chain to the people and communities of Greater Manchester.

We now have a solid foundation upon which to continue to deliver Social Value across Greater Manchester in the future. 


Client Reference – Jayne Stephenson Chief Finance Officer Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Stuart was able to transform our business ideas into reality using innovative yet straightforward and easy to understand techniques, he took us through a structured business model but at the same time allowed flexibility for us to develop a bespoke solution for delivering Social Value to the Greater Manchester region.

We worked closely to understand and transform our social priorities and ideas into a meaningful delivery channels, embedded into our processes and procedures through a Social Value Policy, Charter and Outcomes Framework and showcased through an Annual Social Value Report bringing to life the good work done.

By communicating successfully, embracing change, developing implementation plans and creating operating models that make sense, we worked well with Stuart to turn our ideas into reality.






Client Reference – Sue Colbeck MCIPS, Head of Procurement & Supplies      

“Aintree University Hospital were delighted with the work carried out by Stuart in developing our Social Value Strategy and Outcome Frameworks it has given us a solid foundation on which to embed Social Value into our commissioning and procurement processes and procedures across the Organisation. We found that the Social Value Diagnostic conducted at the start of the project gave us real direction and helped identify where we needed to focus our efforts and shaped the bespoke strategy and framework which Aintree University Hospital and Sustainable Supply Chains went on to create collaboratively.





Client Reference – Karen Lewis – FMS Programme Director at Liverpool City Council said….

It was good to work with you Stuart

You have promoted the Social Value agenda throughout the council and have ensured that it is introduced as part of our overall procurement strategy – Well done. 

I wish you lots of luck for the future.


Client Reference – Trevor Ingham – Head of Commercial Procurement at Liverpool City Council

We are very pleased with the work done to date it has given us a solid platform to embed Social Value into our procurement and commissioning processes and more so the ability to report in real time on the Social Value we deliver from our contracts. We believe there is a lot more that can be achieved and are looking forward to exploring more opportunities




SOUND CITY – Social Value for Competitive Edge

Sound City said …We were delighted with the Social Value for Competitive Edge workshop Stuart hosted and delivered as part of our Developing Digital and Creative Businesses Programme. All Businesses that attended the event found the workshop content clear and concise taking great value from the time they spent the time they spend attending it




NHS – Gary Doherty, Chief Operating Officer/Deputy Chief Executive

Bid Winner – integrated sexual health services across Wirral

We are delighted to let you know that we have been successful in our partnership bid to deliver integrated sexual health services across Wirral. We have been advised that the joint bid between Wirral Community NHS Trust, Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and Brook has been awarded the 3 year contract.

This is excellent news and is a testament to the hard work that goes on every day within our organisations to deliver outstanding care and service to the people of Wirral. A particular thank you for the work you put in on the Sustainability and Social section of the bid as we are led to believe this is where we outscored others. To everyone who was involved in the bid process across your organisation thank you for their hard work in getting us this fantastic result.

There will be a great deal of work to do over the coming months to get us into a position to be able to deliver the new integrated service from 1st April 2013, but more of that later – let’s for now just celebrate our achievement. Well done.





NHS – Simon Walsh MCIPS

Stuart developed a Sustainable Procurement Policy for Central Manchester and Trafford Hospital, in doing this he researched in his own time what was important to both Hospitals from a Sustainability point of view and translated those ambitions into a meaningful policy. The policy embraced commissioners and procurement staff alike and focused on our aims and aspirations from am Environmental, Social and Economic point of view. He addressed how both Hospitals should; comply with legislation, promote awareness throughout the supply chain, consider sustainable factors when making procurement decisions and creating a greater awareness of sustainability issues.

Simon Walsh MCIPS
Procurement Director at Central Manchester NHS FT






Now Travelife Relationships Manager at Travelife Ltd

Stuart has a vast knowledge of procurement and sustainable procurement practice in both the public and private sectors, applying this astutely to match client need. His style is energetic and enaging and he’s also a thoroughly nice guy who is great fun to work with.

Fiona Humphries AIEMA



Perry Shard, Sustainability Manager at Balfour Beatty

said, “Stuart Davies ran an excellent workshop for us, he introduced us to the concept of BS8903 and the diagnostic tool which enabled us to self assess against the BS8903 standard. Stuart built Action Plans for our Supply Chain partners to help deliver our Sustainable and Social objectives”






Now Independent Consultant at Vision Marketing

I have known Stuart for many years and worked together at M&S Money. We both benefited from the training offered albeit in different disciplines. On a professional note Stuart really knows his onions. Procurement and supply chain management is a complex business but Stuart has. Knack of unravelling the technicalities into language you can understand. With a passion for ethical practices and building social value benefits I would happily recommend his skills as a consultant.

Stephen Lloyd DipM
Independent Consultant



NHS WALES – Graham Jones

Stuart has an excellent understanding of the supply chain models and exceeds in delivering high quality services. Over the years Stuart has built good relationships with service providers and this has shown in his quality of work.

  Graham Jones

Graham Jones
Commodity Buyer at NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership



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